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60mm NEMA24 Brushless DC Motor


Widely used in automation equipment such as Copier, printing machinery, Engraving machine, packing machine, grinting machine, robot, machine tool, Milling machine, Sewing machine, Engraving machine, Medical apparatus, ATM machine, etc.

Genaral information:

 Item  Specification
 Winding type  Star
 Hall effect angle  120 degree electrical angle
 Shaft run out  0.025mm
 Radial play  0.02mm@450g
 End play  0.08mm@450g
 Max.radial force  115N @20mm form the flange
 Max.axial force  45N
 Insulation class  Class B
 Dielectric strength  500VDC for one minute
 Insulation resistance  100MΩ Min.,500VDC


Specification Unit JB60BLS078L-03 JB60BLS099L-06 JB60BLS120L-09 JB60BLS141L-12
 Number Of Phase Phase 3
 Number Of Poles Poles 8
 Rated Voltage VDC 48
 Rated Speed Rpm 3000
 Rated Torque N.m 0.3 0.6 0.9 1.2
 Rated Current Amps 2.8 5.2 7.5 9.5
 Rated Power W 94 188 283 377
 Peak Torque N.m 0.9 1.8 2.7 3.6
 Peak Current Amps 8.4 15.6 22.5 28.5
 Back E.M.F V/Krpm 12.1 12.6 12.4 13.3
 Torque Constant N.m/A 0.116 0.12 0.118 0.127
 Rotor Inertia Kg.c 0.24 0.48 0.72 0.96
 Body Length mm 78 99 120 141
 Weight Kg 0.85 1.25 1.65 2.05
 Sensor Honeywell
 Insulation Class B
 Degree of Protection IP30
 Storage Temperature -25+70
 Operating Temperature -15+50
 Working Humidity <=85% RH
 Working Environment No direct sunlight, non-corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, no dust
 Altitude <=1000m




Wiring Diagram:

* Specifications, dimension, shaft and lead wire can be customized.