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By AVY DA. | 07 March 2022 | 0 Comments

Solar Power Supply System in Syria

After six years of conflict, major sections of the electrical grid in Syria were destroyed making many regions dependent on diesel generators. Frequent shortages of diesel brought much trouble to people's life and skyrocketed the price of diesel fuel.

Renewable energy will increase the resilience of the sociaty-system in Syria, empower local communities, and help terminate the vicious cycle of the diesel-based war economy.

We believe that this type of green energy projects will bring more hope to the people there. Solar energy is a democratizing force, that has the capacity to empower institutions and communities in very positive ways.  Syria is in one of the best regions globally to harvest solar energy, and needs to be leveraged. Our dream is to bring bright to the family in Syria by running on clean, sustainable energy.

The majority of the electrical infrastructure in Syria was either bombed, dismantled or destroyed. The solar power supply system is a symbol of hope for the Syrian people. It show the world that Syrians still believe in a brighter future and embrace positivity and progress. 

Currently, the professional team of Juboll Tech have already performed some projects, such as Solar Lighting System, Solar Lights and Integrated ALL IN ONE Solar Street Light, and are ready to be involved into more projects in the field of Solar Power in the future.


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