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By AVY DA. | 29 March 2022 | 0 Comments

The Solar Power Supply System applied in African countries

Millions of people in Africa rely on kerosene lamps and candles to light their homes; and burn wood on open fires to cook and heat water. This is dangerous, harmful, polluting and expensive. Batteries are widely used to power radios and people often must travel for miles to charge their mobile phones.

Currently we are working with agencies to develop markets for solar products (small solar lanterns or photovoltaic systems), efficient cookstoves and cleaner fuels.

In Uganda, we have incentivised our agencies to better serve the refugee communities. They have provided more than 1,500 solar power systems in the past 12 months, helping to bring convenience to people's life.

To ensure that the poorest and most vulnerable people are not left behind we also collaborate with donors to create more affordable and sustainable solutions.

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