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By Michael | 09 May 2022 | 0 Comments

Knowledge about All In One Solar Street Lights

What is an All-in-one Solar Street Light
The All In One Solar Street Light integrates the lamp holder, controller and battery of the solar street light. It simplifies the tedious street lamp and greatly improves the volume, weight and installation. All in one led solar street light are installed on various traffic roads, auxiliary roads, residential roads, courtyards, mining areas and places where electricity is not easy to pull, park lighting, parking lots, rural areas, etc. It provides all in one street light at night, and its solar panel charges the battery to satisfy the lighting.

What Are the Functions of All-in-one LED Solar Street Lights
All-in-one LED solar street lights contribute to the construction of urban infrastructure. All in one integrated solar street light proceed from the point of view of their functions. Many cities refer to smart street lighting projects as multi-pole integration, mainly from the perspective of city beautification, resource integration, energy conservation and environmental protection.
At present, many cities have problems such as scattered infrastructure management and single functions, including street light poles, power poles, monitoring poles, traffic signs, and billboards. As a solar-powered solar street light, All-in-one integrated solar street lights have become the best way to solve these problems.
The Advantages of Integrated Solar Street Lights

All-in-One Integrated Solar Street Light is easy to install
The all in one solar light could be installed easily. It eliminates the need to install battery panel brackets, install lamp holders, and make battery pits when installing traditional split solar street lights, which greatly saves labor and construction costs.

The appearance is novel and beautiful
All in one solar street lighting integrate solar panels and light sources, and some even integrate light poles, with diverse shapes, novel and beautiful.

All-in-one solar street lights are easy to maintain
The solar panel is integrated with the battery and the lamp holder. If there is a problem, it can be replaced directly, eliminating the need for troubleshooting procedures.

Strong energy saving
Generally, integrated solar street lights are equipped with human body induction, which automatically reduces the power to save power when there is no one, and automatically increases the brightness when someone passes by.

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