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By Mr. Liu | 05 May 2022 | 0 Comments

Solar energy lights up a rural village in Ghana

As part of a solar energy pilot project that is bringing renewable energy to 10 households, the primary school and health clinic, and provided individual solar lamps to 100 homes in Kpatua, a village of about 110 families in the farthest northeastern corner of Ghana.

While the project is still in its infancy, there are already signs of community progress. In a school,two sets of Solar Power Supply System help the school store power to illuminate classrooms in the evening, so students with no lights at home can study after sundown.

Children study in the evening by the light of a solar-powered lamp at the home of village

“We have electricity to run computers,fan,refrigerators and TV sets, and we’re teaching students how to type and use a computer. When we give students homework, they can do it in the evening without having to get their parents to get them a lantern. Learning goes on in the night now because students have electricity in their homes.You can see children in the evening, they’re all learning, I really like that. The solar lights help us at night to prepare food, and we don’t have to buy batteries or kerosene for lamps any more. It’s been a great help” a local teacher says.

In the next phase of the project, JUBOLL team will help people there to pump water from the solar well out to fields so villagers can grow vegetables in the dry season,and help the people to set up the trailer-mounted Solar Light Tower on their mining sites.


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