DIY Solar Roller Coaster No. 2023

Item No.: No. 2023
DIY Educational Toy Solar Roller Coaster
1. DIY building block assembly experience.
2. Solar Powered

This is a DIY Solar Powered Roller Coaster. Students can assemble and learn by themselves, which can help children learn the mechanical transmission structure of the unit. Learn how to convert electrical energy and solar energy into mechanical energy, so that children can understand and master the knowledge that solar energy is a clean new energy from an early age. Through learning and practice, we can systematically and comprehensively master the principles of energy conversion and mechanical motion structure, and learn how humans explore outer space planets.

Educational characteristics (cultivating children's various abilities during growth):
1. Ability to seek knowledge, explore and innovate;
2. Ability to think independently and solve problems manually;
3. Understand the mutual cooperation and interaction of mechanical transmission structure; understand the movement principle of kinematics and the transformation of power;
4. Understand the generation and interaction of physical and mechanical power, electricity, solar energy, wind energy, and chemical energy, and mutual conversion to enhance children's understanding and exploration in all aspects of physics, machinery, chemical changes, and new energy power since childhood.
5. Science popularization, environmental protection, promotion and popularization.
6. Understand the transmission principle of machinery and cultivate child