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Revolution in 3D Printer Field

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Update time : 2019-03-04 10:40:22

In recent years,with the rapid development of 3D printer industry, 3D printer services have been applied to more and more fields.


After years of development, the technology of 3D printer is acknowledged by people gradually, but still face some problems. For example, lose steps when printing. It is not only a problem of 3D printer, but also in other automatic industries, such as CNC router,etc. This problem occurs because of the open loop stepper motor. For CNC, now most of engineers will use closed loop stepper motor, which will solve the problem of lose steps, and the costs are much lower than AC servo motor.


The same for the application of 3D printer, closed loop stepper motor is recommended to be applied in this field. With the increasing of requirements, people are not only focus on the shape, but also focus on the precision, and closed loop system can meet this requirement. It can solve the lose steps problem perfectly. It will be a revolution in 3D printer field. Actually some 3D printer manufacturers have applied closed loop stepper motor, but due to some reasons it is not widely applied. But we think that it will be universal in this field in the near future, as it is a trend in the development of 3D printer.