DIY Clock JBT-DC31



My First Clock is an exciting new type of educational toy for all ages 6 yrs+. In the year 1350 the Italian scientist, E. Danti made the first mechanical clock. Based on the original design of E.Danti you can recreate this famous invention and make My First Clock yourself!

My First Clock ,consists of many pieces of different kinds of parts and operates mechanically through spring and gear, will keep good time with proper adjustments.At the same time you will become acquainted with some fundamental principles of physics.
My First Clock will help you to understand the mechanics of the spring, pendulum and gears.Surprise your family with a real working mechanical clock. Tell your teachers and classmates what you have learned. My First Clock is truly MORE THAN JUST A TOY.

It is designed to stimulate children's curiosity and desire to learn and explore,and to improve their cognitive skills and provide good training for their minds and hands.Through the transparent clock casing, children can also see the actual mechanical movement of a working clock.

Learn how the clock works? What do the gears do? Why is it necessary to have a pendulum? Build the clock yourself now to get the ideas.