DIY Coin Eating Robot JBT-R321



This model needs kids to assemble and play themselves.

After being assembled, when a coin put onto the dinner plate, the robot will swallow the coin into its 

stomach and then it returns to the initial state and wait for the next coin.


Working Principle:
This robot applies lever principle and circui principle.


Circuit Principle:
This robot converns parallel circuit controlled by two switches. The first circuit is to be electrified by the coin. The second is to be electrified by that the rectangle iron piece contacts the red lead on the block plate. The two switches get electrified one after another and so keep the robot running normally.


Lever principle:
Levers are divided into labor-some lever, laborsaving lever and equal armed lever. The equilibrium condition is the two torques effecting on lever should be equivalent.


Tool needed:  AA battery, scissor, coin, color pencil

Size: 150*120*95 mm





Packing: OPP bag or carton
Package Size: 18*12*6 cm
Package Weight: 180 g