DIY Gravity Driving Rolling Ball Track Logic Game JBT-R392



The ball seesaw is composed of a bottom plate, a supporting cold rolled plate, a ball track groove, a baffle, etc. Place the balls in the track groove one by one, and then remove the clip so that the seesaw can rotate freely. Because one end of the seesaw is fixed with a nut, under the action of gravity, one side of the seesaw nut drops, and the other end rises until the ball on the track groove The baffle bounced up, and a ball fell on the seesaw through the round hole, and the ball of the seesaw descended from the side until the ball slipped from the seesaw into the square box on the bottom plate. The seesaw bounces up again and loops in sequence until all the beads on the ball track are transferred to the bottom plate. Each time the seesaw bounces, it transports a bead, so it can also be used as a counting device. 


 Assembly instruction in English provided

Packing: OPP bag or carton
Package Size:  18*14*4 cm
Package Weight: 120 g