Water Electrolysis Machine JBT-C102



Hydrogen Oxygen Separation Water Decomposition Generator Machine Mini Portable Water Electrolysis

* This device can generate Hydrogen and Oxygen separately at two electrodes. 
* Work Voltage: AC110V-240V adapter to DC12V
* Power: 200W
* Gas generation rate: hydrogen 67 to 100 mL/minute, oxygen 34 to 50 mL/minute
* Size: 
36*20*26 cm

1. Dissolve 1/4 bottle of sodium hydroxide in 500m of water. Since it will release heat when dissolving, please wait for the liquid to cool down before operating. (sodium hydroxide powder will be prepared by client)
2. Open the top white lid of the electrolytic cell and pour the sodium hydroxide solution. The overall page height needs to leave at least 2cm space to the top.
3. Open the upper end of the blue and purple gas flow bottle, add 2/3 of tap water, and tighten it.
4. Plug the power cord into the power supply, and connect the other end of the power cord to the socket to generate electricity by generating electricity.