103 in 1 Kids Chemistry & Physics Experiment Set JBT-C114



Product Name: Kids DIY kitchen chemistry and physics experiment 103 in 1 set


Safety: No danger will happen if kids operate these experiments according to instruction and under adult supervision.

All the content provided are food grade materials which are safe and nontoxic, such as, Discoloration flower, bicarb, citric acid, etc.

All the content to be provided by the users are simple and safe also, all easy to be found in daily life.

All the experiments are safe and simple. There are also some experiment related to chemical reaction, but all simple and gentle, without any explosion or sharp chock,all happening in daily life.


Knowledge concerning: The knowledge this kit contains is very extensive, such as electrification by frictionhydromechanics,density,capillary action, chemical reaction, etc.


English version: all the tags on material bags are in English; an experiment instruction is provided with details experiment procedures and explanation of science principle behind phenomenon; 103 operation procedure videos to each experiment is provided.  

Experiment 20. Magic balloon.

The operation procedure video is provided as the product video shown.

Operation procedure explanation as below:

Experiment Materials: balloon, single use plastic cup, dish, clean water, toothpick, sweater, scissor

(1). Prick the bottom of the plastic cup with a small hole. Blow the balloon big and tighten the mouth.

(2). Put the pricked the plastic cup into the dish. Put water into the plastic cup. Lift the cup and watch the direction of current. (3). Rub the balloon on the sweater back and forth then get it close to current and watch the direction of current.

Science principle: After rubbing with the sweater, the balloon carries negative charges. Initially, the current doesn’t carry any electric charges. While after the balloon gets close to the current, the current carry positive charges. According to the principle of like charges repel, opposite charges attract, the negative charges on the balloon attract the positive charges and thus make the current deflect to the balloon.

Picture of Materials with English Tags



What can scientific experiments bring?

When children reach a certain age, their curiosity and imagination will begin to inspire. Interesting scientific experiments can help children become interested in science and thus help them learn in the future.



Examples of Experiment This Kit Can Bring

10. Color relay

Experiment Materials: pigment, measuring cup (6 pcs), stirring rod, paper towel (6 pcs), clean water

(1). Three measuring cups, each with 60 ml clean water. Drip respectively 5-8 drops of pigments of different colors into the three cups and then stir evenly. Place three vacant measuring cups, respectively into the gap between two two cups with pigments. (2). Fold the paper tissue twice, one end into the pigments, the other into the vacant cup. Watch the color change after two hours.

Science Principle: Refer to experiment 11.



6. Milk animation

Experiment Materials: pigment, drip tube, pure milk, dishwashing liquid, dish

(1). Put milk into the dish to just cover the bottom. Then drip 3 to 5 drops of pigment into the milk, one kind of pigment or multi. (2). Use the drip tube to draw dishwashing liquid and drip it into the center of the milk dish. Then you will watch the splendid milk animation.

Science Principle: The dishwashing liquid contains surface active agent, and it can damage the surface tension of milk. The disturbed milk carries the pigment to roll and move, and thus form the beautiful milk animation.



12. Bottle blows balloon.

Experiment Materials:

Bicarb, lemon acid, sampling spoon, pigment, funnel, balloon, bottle, clean water.

(1). Put clean water into the botte till 3/4 of its depth and also two spoons of limen acid. Then use the funnel to put two spoons of bicarb into the balloon. (2). Sleeve the balloon onto the mouth of the bottle. Put the bicarb inside the balloon into the bottle. The balloon will be blown big and big.

Science Principle: The bicarb and the limen acid produce chemical action while meeting each other and generate large quantity of dioxide and thus blow the balloon big.





Packing: plastic box
Package Size: 33X23X13 cm
Package Weight: 1800 g