DIY Solar System Planetarium JBT-P035



Make a Solar System Planetarium by yourself

1). Non-toxic plastic material

2). 6-color paint with CE certificate

3). This experiment can improve children's ability to focus, observe, paint, and stimulate their interest in studying astronomy.
4). Definition of planet: Firstly, objects that must orbit the star; Secondly, the mass is large enough to rely on its own gravity to make the celestial body round; Thirdly, there should be no other objects near its orbit.
5). Eight planets are the eight major planets of the solar system, according to the distance from the sun (near to far), they, in turn, for mercury, Venus, earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Most of the eight planets rotate in the same direction. There are two exceptions to Venus and Uranus. Venus rotates in opposite directions.

DIY School Lesson Educational Toys of Solar System Planetarium Kids


Packing: carton
Package Size:  22*19*7 cm
Package Weight: 150 g