DIY Phototaxis Experiment Growing Box JBT-C099



Cultivate children's interest in planting plants, observe the environment in which plants are suitable for growing,
Design the route of plant growth by yourself, everyone's labyrinth growth route can be different.
Remember to pour the right amount of water to the beloved plant every day, and let him get warmer in the sun, so that he can grow up faster ~

Plant room: 1 plastic slot for fixing the shading paper, 1 top cover with holes, 1 transparent front cover, 1 plant race wall, long shutter for making the maze, and one for making the maze Short shutters;
Water tank and soil tank: 8 plant support plates, 1 transparent soil tank front cover, 1 soil container, 1 water container, 1 dropper, 1 magnifier, 2 shading paper


Packing: plastic box
Package Size:  22*18*5 cm
Package Weight: 270 g