DIY Hand Crank Electricity Generation Flashlight JBT-M398



Green Science-Magical Generator:
You don't need a battery to light the bulb. Where does this magical power come from?
As the resources on the earth are getting less and less, many scientists have been looking for alternative energy sources, advocating green science, hoping to reduce the pollution of the earth.
Based on this concept, this product is formed by the action of the hand rotating motor, which converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy to form a generator. In this way, there will be no problem of no electricity.
How to turn a toy motor into a generator, generate electricity by manual power, and light the light bulb;
Without the use of batteries, it will not cause pollution and will only bring surprises. This generator can produce amazing electricity.

Hand-cranked power pack contains:
Screws, 2 gears, toy motor, power flashlight housing, 1 set of engine flashlight accessories, 1 through cover, 1 LED lamp with wire and handle, instruction manual



Packing: OPP bag or carton
Package Size: 16.7x21.8x4.5 cm
Package Weight: 100 g
Carton Size: 67x53x56 cm, 108 boxes