Solar Underground Light G102U


Solar Underground Light /  Solar LED Brick

Solar panel: 4V 200mA
Built-in battery: Ni-MH (2*1200mAH) / Super Capacitor (2*120F)
Light source: 5-6 pcs super bright LED
Lighting color: red, green, blue, white, yellow (optional)

Lighting mode: constant     

Working time: more than 30 hours after fully charged
Work temperature: -25 to +75 degree C.
Material of light: Polycarbonate
Resist compression: 20 tons                                         

Waterproof grade: IP67                                              

Life time: >5 years (Ni-MH)  or >15 year ( Super Capacitor)              

View distance: over 800m
Size: 145x145x42mm