Solar Swimming Pool Ionizer P026P


Solar Pool Ionizer Seven Volts -Copper Anode & Threaded basket (99% anode use)swimming pool ionizer

Step of using: 

Step1. Verify that the pool conditions are good or not

Step2. Put the solar pool ionizer into the pool 
Step3. Observe that solar pool ionizer is floating in the pool
Step4. After 12 hours, activate the cleaning system of the pool. After 24 hours, revise if all are working according to the specifications
Step5-6. Remove every 15 days and do a cleaning of the electrode with the brush included. Check the copper level weekly, If excess 0.9 ppm, take it out from the pool, or water will turn cloudy and green. And put it back to the pool when less than 0.4 ppm.

Tips: If the pool is large,or if due to the weather conditions,it was required to addition of water because of the evaporation,it
is necessary to keep the ionizer in the water permanently.

Test result: