Biology Microscope JBT-C021



Magnification times: 1200X, 400X, 100X
Objective table: single layer square table
focusing system: coarse and fine immobile axle
Convertor  model: out heeling three tubes
Objective glass: 120X, 40X, 10X
Light source: LED


1. Load two AA batteries and turn on the power source. Then the light turns on.

2.  Rotate anticlockwise the focusing adjustment rotary knob and make the lens cone rise up. Adjust the luminance of lights.

3. Take the specimen and put it on the glass slide. Another glass slide can be placed on the specimen as cover. Then place the glass slide with specimen on the objective table and fix it with the clamp. Move the specimen into the middle of the light hole. When placing the glass slide, the objective glass must be adjusted to the uppermost.

4. Rotate the switch glasses to switch the magnifying times, such as 400X is 400 times magnification and 1200X is 1200 times magnification.

5. Look at the objective glass, use the right hand to adjust the height of the objective lens to the lowermost position but without touching the glass slide. Look at the eye lens, use the right hand to adjust the focal length upward. When a little bit of the specimen can be seen, adjust the focusing length very slightly until the details of the specimen can be watched clearly. A beginner will have to repeat this procedure again and again until the specimen can be watched clearly.


Packing: carton
Package Size:  25X19X10 cm
Package Weight: 600 g